Friday, July 14, 2017

Diamond Tail Mini Simmons - Co-shape with Brandon

Brandon completed his first selfshape just in time for summer.

He got it over halfway done and I finished it out for him. He really enjoys logging so we set out to create a mega mini simmons that would allow him to catch just about as many waves as he is used to on his longboard.

We toyed around with various tail designs but ended up with the classic diamond for more float, glide and easy turning. We put some knifey beveled down rails on her for control and bite and kept the deck flat to give him plenty of volume for easy paddling and a skateboard type feel. Combine all that with the quad fin setup and killer fabric inlay, and you have one gorgeous, rocket fast, shred sled.

Dimensions came out at 6’6” x 22.5” x 3”

Very enjoyable process, had a blast collaborating on this one, and beyond stoked on the final product.

May the stoke be with yew,
James Samaha

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